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  • lingua ostium tabernaculi

    lingua ostium tabernaculi

    Socket tongue also is called socket eye, it is a major hardware in powerline and transmission line system. It can be casting or forging. We have many types of socket tongue, we also do customize for our clients to match their requirements. General Material-Body Steel Material- Clip Stainless, Bronze Strength Rating 70KN, 120KN, 180KN Finishing Hot Dip Galvanize We always pay great attention to the quality of our products. All insulators are subject to 100% stringent IEC or ANSI st...

  • oculi fulmine

    oculi fulmine

    Specification: Eye bolts have machine threads on one end and an eye on the other end. These bolts are used for a variety of hanging and variable tension applications. Eye bolts can be used for permanent fastening in side-to-side applications or in overhead applications to suspend weights. Our eyebolt can be used on low temperature condition General Material-Body Steel, Stainless Steel Strength Rating 70KN, 120KN, 180KN Finishing Hot Dip Galvanize With our extensive experience in thi...

  • Ball Clevis

    Ball Clevis

    Ball clevis is an accessory you can use in attaching or connecting ball and socket insulators to other linked tower hardware. It can be forging or casting. You can connect socket insulator or socket tongues by ball heads, such as 52-3, 52-5, etc. At times, you can also refer to ball clevis as a clevis eye. They are common in transmission lines and poles. General Material-Body Steel Material-Pin (Clevis) Galvanized Steel Material- Pin (Cotter) Stainless Steel Strength Rating 70KN, 120...

  • manete Carmina

    manete Carmina

    Nominatio noster summus gradus moraretur figendo baculum caussarum genera adhibeantur funibus atque railways ultrices polum versus electrica transmissio. Et maneat vetustatem virga magna, sturdy structuram atque optimum perficientur. Nostrum maneat in virga tractata est calidum uniformiter se pondere suo texta. Hoc bene poterit ferre galvanized et caliditas et pressura effectus est satis facile. Maior nostra maneat virga habet duas species, quae sunt generis, & tubo; arcum suum genus. Quisque genus maneat virga veniam ...

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Hebei YONGGUANG LINEA VASA CO., LTD. summus tech est propria productio coeptis, R & D et Sales. Et in locum Yongguang celebre "Capital de Electric" in Sinis, Yongnian, CVII National prope itinere: aeroportus certas et in statione ferriviaria.

In comitatu condita in MCMXCV sumus professionalem fabrica est in potestate Electric ARMAMENTA, praesertim ex decorum caput recta et insulating huiuscemodi pertinent Insulators composita, comprehendi, Out-Iacta Fuse Cutout, electrica apparatu talis ut potentia transmissione et collocatione distribution products. Officinas in terram occupat 8000m2 area, plus quam CC Staffs habent, inter XL technicae periti professionalem.

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